What is a Competent Man?

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Modern man, a phrase which is in many ways an oxymoron. We live in an age where many can now work from a home office, order food delivered to their home, and have a small robot clean their floors.

Mankind is heading towards a state of isolation, no longer is the higher calling to be independent and self-reliant, he has traded his birthright for isolation and dependence. He has become the slave, a prisoner who thinks he is the vanguard for civilisation, power hungry with no real escape, the modern world has become Stanford Prison Experiment’si ultimate dystopia.

This level of modern convenience has created problems, man is no longer the master of himself, and has become isolated and alone, without individualism. He can no longer fend for himself, believes that food comes in a box, and can not fix the simplest of machines. He is no longer a Competent man.

The Alpha Male is now looked upon with disdain, he is viewed as a threat rather than the protector he is meant to be. Modern man can no longer go out into the world and remake it to fit his needs, it is provided for him, increasingly from automation, on a conveyor belt. From the cradle to the grave man’s destiny is planned out, categorised and filed into the slot that is made available to him, he has no control of his fate. Something needs to be done.

We now live our lives in a way that would have been viewed just a generation ago as insane. What the world needs now is more Competent men.

– Wolfe

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